As one of Hawaii’s only conservative online news website, we strive to provide a new, fact-based, journalistic and intelligent online news website covering the State of Hawaii from a worldview of the right. Our aim is to inform Hawaii residents on key policy issues and be informed by it, to gain the trust of those who have lost trust in government, the mainstream media and failed Hawaii Democrat policies. We recognize that Hawaii’s economic success relies upon free market principles and unequivocally defend freedom of speech, the dream of freedom and opportunity. If we fail to advocate these basic ethics most Americans and Hawaiians hold dear, we risk losing the freedom and opportunity to live and defend these ideals.

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For 1 years, cerebromedia readers have turned to us for fair, independent-minded coverage of the things that matter. Our reporting and commentary on politics, policy, technology, and pop culture draw a loyal and engaged audience of millions of readers, viewers, and listeners.

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